Michelle and Mark at loggerheads over his partying with single pals

Can he be tamed?

Mark Wright has been living it up at DJ-ing in some of the biggest clubs in the country, but wife Michelle isn’t happy.

The former TOWIE star is preparing to celebrate his 30th birthday later this month, and his mates have said that Michelle has asked him to tone it down a bit.

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A source told Closer magazine: “Michelle is a bit fed up with Mark’s partying. She appreciates he’s into the clubbing scene but, after a few fall-outs about it over Christmas, Michelle told Mark she didn’t want him being influenced by his single, carefree pals.”

Mark used to be a nightclub promoter and even invested in his own bar, Deuces, with pal Jack Tweed.

The source also added: “He insisted he’d make a conscious effort to limit his boys’ nights out to once every couple of months – and keep club nights to work only.”

There was also a lot of drama surrounding the fact that Mich was once pictured without her wedding ring on. It was said to be around the time he was going out constantly.

The first time was in May of last year while out in South Africa with her Our Girl co-stars as well as in June on her birthday, and again in August while she was out for dinner with friends.

“The whole ring thing has been a bone of contention between them in the past. Mark said it was a bit rich for her to talk about his nights out, given all the times she went out partying without her wedding ring last year,” the insider said.

“That caused a series of rows between them. Mark was annoyed with Michelle for fuelling split rumours by partying without her ring.”

It was also been reported that the pair have been at loggerheads over when to start a family.

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At the end of last year Michelle supposedly said she wouldn’t let work get in the way of having a baby in 2017.

As well potentially having a baby this year, it looks like 29-year-old Michelle might be heading to Hollywood.

She headed to LA in November for a series of mystery meetings and it has now come to light that they were with producers of the blockbuster Pirates Of The Caribbean movies!

Watch this space, she may be acting alongside Johnny Depp before you know it!

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