Michelle Keegan sends message to hubby Mark Wright in LA

She's super-proud of her hubby

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So Mark Wright has kicked off his first day on his new job in the US.

The former TOWIE star is now a fully fledged entertainment reporter on Extra with Saved By The Bell’s Mario Lopez.

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We couldn’t be prouder of him, having progressed from reality star to well-respected TV reporter.

But there’s one person who’s prouder than we are – his wife, Michelle.

While she’s off filming the BBC drama Our Girl, she took time out to post a message on social media about how proud she is.

In the picture we see Mark posing next to the Universal Studios sign in Los Angeles.

In the caption she wrote: “1st day in his new job. Good luck. #soproud.”

In another picture, Mark is seen lined up with his new co-hosts.

Impressed Michelle captioned the pic: “Unbelievable!”

On Instagram Mark kept his fans up to date with his progress by filming some clips of him on set.

In one clip he arrives on a chauffeur driven buggy saying: “First day in the new job. Universal studios. Sunshine, palm trees, Extra TV. Here we go! New season!”

In another clip Mark is seen having his make up done.

“My boy keeps me dry on set because it’s so sweating. He puts this white powder on me – I don’t even know what it is  – but it dries me up!”


In a further clip, Mark introduced his followers to one of his co-hosts, Renee Bargh.

“First day on set with one of the co-hosts, Renee. She’s Australian and very beautiful.”

He added: “She’s a fan of British guys so any of my friends watching this hit me up.”

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Over the weekend, Mark flew out to LA and was seen off by his mum, dad, brother and sisters.

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