Michelle Keegan reveals Mark Wright marriage rule

They will celebrate their third wedding anniversary in May

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Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have made a pact not to go more than three weeks without seeing each other.

The couple have been married for nearly three years but currently live on different sides of the world: Mark is based in Los Angeles, while Michelle works in the UK.

That means maintaining a long-distance relationship which can, naturally, be tricky.

Instagram @michkeegan
Michelle Keegan says she and Mark try not to go more than three weeks without seeing each other (Credit: Instagram @michkeegan)

But in a new interview with the Daily Mail’s You magazine, Michelle, 30, said the couple have one major marriage rule to ensure they get quality time together.

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“The rule is we try not to spend more than three weeks apart, although the longest we’ve gone is six weeks [when she was filming series three of Our Girl] which was really difficult. And we make lists of what we are going to do when we see each other,” she said.

Michelle said the couple – who speak daily on FaceTime – usually spend their reunions at home making dinner together and snuggling up on the sofa to watch TV.

Mark visited Michelle while she was filming Our Girl, and she often visits him in LA (Credit: Instagram)

“We miss each other and staying in is our favourite way of doing a date night. A lot of the time I don’t think about where we are. If Mark is there it’s home for me,” she said.


Mark, 31, moved to Los Angeles last summer after landing a job with American entertainment show, Extra.

Instagram @wrighty_
Mark lives in LA, where he works for showbiz programme, Extra (Credit: Instagram @wrighty_)

Michelle spent much of the last year travelling the globe to film the new series of BBC One’s army drama, Our Girl, venturing to the likes of South Africa, Malaysia and Nepal.

She told You magazine that she’s been auditioning for roles in Los Angeles and would love to work in the US if the job was right, but equally she adores the meaty parts available on British TV and prefers life in the UK.

“It’s just not me; I’m not an LA woman,” she said.

Michelle pictured with Mark on a recent visit to LA (Credit: Instagram)

Michelle and Mark have frequently had to fend off pesky speculation of trouble in their romance, largely because of the fact they currently live in different countries.

But, as Mark said recently on Good Morning Britain, just because they aren’t constantly pictured together doesn’t mean they don’t see each other regularly.

“We don’t always report when we see each other!” he said.

Mark recently gushed about Michelle during an appearance on Lorraine (Credit: ITV)

“We make it work… The minute I get time off, I fly home, the minute she gets a few days off, she flies here. There are flights three to fours times a day from Heathrow to LA, so we make it work, we’re young.

“We haven’t got kids yet. While we are young and chasing our dreams, we make sure things are good.”

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The couple will celebrate their third wedding anniversary in May.

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