Michelle Keegan reportedly ‘liked’ a tweet dissing Mark’s ex Lauren Goodger and everyone’s talking about it

Bit of a strange story...

Michelle Keegan is rarely out of the headlines thanks to her high profile marriage to Mark Wright and super successful acting career.

But she’s been making waves this week for a very bizarre reason…

Mich’s social media actions are making headlines [Credit: Instagram @michkeegan]
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According to reports, Michelle once ‘liked’ a tweet about Mark Wright’s ex Lauren Goodger that was posted in 2012.

We know. Ground breaking stuff.

But funnily enough, the strange story made headlines and has everyone talking thanks to the nature of the tweet.

A quick perusal of Michelle’s ‘liked’ tweets now shows absolutely nada related to Lauren.

Lauren hasn’t reacted to the apparent ‘liked’ tweet [Credit: Instagram @laurenrosegoodger]
But according to Now magazine, the tweet that was ‘liked’ and then, presumably, ‘unliked’ was taking a swipe at rumours Lauren was being eyed up for a place on Strictly Come Dancing.

The magazine claims the tweet, posted five years ago, read: “Oh my Lauren Goodger is going on Strictly Come Dancing! Noooooooooooo!!!”

It says Michelle reacted to the tweet earlier this year, which is a bit bizarre if the tweet is that old…

What’s making people talk is the fact Michelle has never really said anything about Mark’s romance with Lauren, which ended in 2012 after a decade together.

Mark and Lauren split in 2012 [Credit: Wenn/Joe]
So the fact she apparently ‘liked’ a rather unflattering tweet has raised eyebrows.

Although we all know how easy it is to accidentally react to something on social media when you don’t mean to! And the fact the tweet is not listed in Michelle’s ‘liked’ tweets suggests it may well have been an accident, if it did indeed happen.

Michelle began dating Mark at the very end of 2012 before going on to marry him in 2015.

The only time Michelle’s really spoken about Lauren was before she even met Mark, in an old magazine column for Love It! in which she criticised Lauren for taking Mark back during one of their TOWIE rocky patches.

Mich and Mark are so in love! [Credit: Instagram @michkeegan]
Mich had written: “I love TOWIE! It’s one of those shows you don’t watch, but just can’t help turning on.

“I don’t know how Lauren can take Mark back so easily, though – it’s so cringe!”

She added: ” I wouldn’t be able to get back with someone who’d slept with lots of girls I knew, but that’s just me.”

Michelle hasn’t said anything about tweet-gate – instead focusing on her sunny, relaxing holiday after jetting abroad this week following filming on the new series of Our Girl ending.

She jetted off abroad earlier this week [Credit: Instagram @michkeegan]
The former Corrie star shared a photo earlier this week showing her clutching a passport and plane ticket as she headed off on holiday.

She then updated her Instagram with photos of a glorious and idyllic beach with crystal blue waters.

The star is relaxing in an idyllic location [Credit: Instagram @michkeegan]
While Michelle suns herself in a mystery location, her hubby Mark is over in Los Angeles where he’s trying to establish a US TV career.

He’s already landed a showbiz correspondent role on entertainment show Extra but it means having to spend long periods apart from Michelle.

While it’s undoubtedly been hard for the pair, the situation hasn’t been helped by constant claims their marriage is on the rocks.

The couple have been married since 2015 [Credit: Wenn/Joe]
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An angry Michelle hit out at the speculation in a chat with The Sun recently, saying: “It’s been hard enough being away anyway, but then to contend with all that… It just comes from nowhere.

“I don’t understand how a couple can’t have their separate careers, and why can’t a newly married woman go off and do her job and a husband go off and do his?

“I’d say there is a slight degree of sexism to it.”

You tell ’em, Mich!