Michelle Keegan reportedly left shaken after a crew member almost died filming Our Girl

The script expert was said to be 15 minutes from death

She recently posted a video of her “getting brave” on set as she let a stick insect jump onto her hand, conquering her fear of creepy crawlies.

However, Our Girl star Michelle Keegan may think twice about that in future.

It’s being reported that Michelle was left in shock after a crew member on the BBC series was left ‘minutes from death’ after a spider bite.

Script expert Andrea Bamford is said to have been bitten by a deadly spider while cast and crew were on location in Malaysia.

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Speaking to The Mirror, a source said: “She lost all colour in her face.

“After a couple of minutes she couldn’t walk.

“The medic on set only had antihistamine and paracetamol.

“Luckily there was a crew member who used to work with the military and he said Andrea was going into shock.

“He took control and took her to hospital.

“They hooked her up on a drip and said if she was 15 minutes later she would have died.”

Reports also suggest it has left Michelle pretty shaken up, and even considering leaving filming due to fears for her safety.

The alleged source continued: “”Everyone, including Michelle, is completely shocked and feels like they are in danger.

“Bosses had to assure them that it is fine to continue filming.”

Luckily, Michelle may get a break soon to recover from the harrowing ordeal – she is rumoured to be joining hubby Mark in the US.

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Mark is over there schmoozing with the likes of Channing Tatum in his new job as entertainment correspondent on Extra, while Michelle’s work days involve fighting off killer bugs.

We know which one we’d rather be doing!