Michelle Keegan panned for ‘Mancockney’ accent in Tina and Bobby

Viewers couldn't work out where she was supposed to be from

There was plenty to love about the first episode of ITV’s new drama Tina and Bobby – the 60s fashion, the music, the cars.

And Michelle Keegan. She’s just a delight to watch on screen, whatever character she’s portraying.

However, there was one thing letting down her performance, according to some viewers on Twitter.

Mancunian lass Michelle plays a young Tina Moore, then wife of the late, great football legend Sir Bobby Moore.

Tina was born in Essex. Michelle’s accent travelled endlessly up and down the A1 throughout the show.

Many fans didn’t allow this to spoil their enjoyment of the fast-paced drama, though…

Her biggest praise came from hubby Mark Wright, who tweeted:

Michelle certainly won over the woman she was portraying, too. Tina Moore was full of love for the actress during an interview with Lorraine.

“I was very impressed with Michelle, she’s lovely. Such a down to earth, beautiful young girl.

“Her husband Mark comes from Essex so he’s helped her a lot along the way with the accent.”

(Er, so Mark’s to blame!)

Tina and Bobby continues next Friday.

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