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Met Office warns of ‘very wet and windy weather’ as ’70mph cyclone’ sweeps in

Summer is officially over

The Met Office has warned Britain’s weather is about to drastically change for the worst.

In fact, things are going to get so bad that a “70mph cyclone” is predicted to hit our shores later this week.

It is one of five storms that are forecast to batter Blighty this autumn.

Yes, it appears summer is most definitely over when it comes to the weather, folks!

met office weather
The Met Office has warned wet and windy weather is on the way (Credit: Unsplash)

When will the weather take a turn for the worse?

From tomorrow (September 30), the country will be hit by strong winds as a 900-mile wide “Atlantic torment” makes its way to our shores, The Sun reports.

It’s set to last from Thursday till Sunday, with predictions that the weather front will soon become our first officially named storm of the season.

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If the weather front is upgraded to an amber warning, Met Office forecasters are predicting the storm – which will be called Storm Aiden – will bring with it gales and washouts.

It does need watching. It has the potential to bring some very wet and windy weather for the latter part of this week.

The north is set to be worst hit, but no part of the country will remain untouched by the weather front, it appears.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “The Atlantic jet stream will really power up and could generate very wet and windy weather late in the week.”

A storm is brewing out in the Atlantic (Credit: Pexels)

‘Big changes’ in store

Chatting on Twitter, another added that “big changes” were in store for the second half of this week.

He said: “Low pressure is on the way, this one is spiralling in so we’re going to see a spell of wet and windy weather sweep across the country on Wednesday followed by heavy showers on Thursday.”

And, he warned, we “may not be done there”.

“Out in the Atlantic later this week, the area of low pressure looks to be intensifying.

“It does need watching. It has the potential to bring some very wet and windy weather for the latter part of this week.

Elsewhere, the Met Office predicted that the wet weather is likely to stick around.

“The period until October 9 will be generally windy, with a risk of gales, potentially severe, particularly in the north.

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“The heaviest and most prolonged spells of rain will begin in the north and west, but are likely to become more widespread across the UK.

“It will feel cold through early October and frost is possible at night. Mid-October has a potential change to dry spells, with rain and strong winds at times,” the Met Office added.

Four more storms to come

The next four storms to hit the UK have already been named.

We can expect to be hit by Bella, Christoph, Darcy and Evert as autumn progresses into winter.

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