Meow! Danielle Lloyd hits back at CBB star Nicola McLean

The mum-of-three speaks out in FINAL words to ex-best friend

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Danielle Lloyd has lashed out at CBB star Nicola McLean in an Instagram post about “nasty girls”.

The former WAG has had to constantly defend herself against comments that Nicola has made whilst her time in the CBB house.

The Celebrity Big Brother finalist insinuated that Danielle was a gold digger who only married Jamie O’Hara for his money.

Now, now ladies!

The TV personality has previously blasted Danielle for claiming Nicola had lied about going to Jamie O’Hara’s wedding, saying: “Like I’d really lie. She’s Danielle Lloyd, not f*****g Beyonce!”

Danielle took to Twitter to tell her fans that in fact, Nicola did not attend her and Jamie’s wedding.

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She said: “Nicola McLean was not at my wedding just to confirm!”

The 33-year-old then added: “And if Nicola turned up in the night she was definitely a wedding crasher.”

On Sunday evening, Danielle took to Instagram to blast people talking about her personal life.

She posted a cryptic quote on her social media page: “Some people are so broken, they get made at you for being whole.”

The former WAG then commented alongside it: “I’ve had so many nasty girls making comments on my life publicly on TV, publications and social media lately.

“When they don’t have a clue either what I’ve been through or the life I now live.”

She ended the caption by saying: “This is the last comment I will be making on the whole situation as I feel like it’s playground stuff and am not back at school am a grown woman! I pray for these people that they can get the help I did to find myself and make me a better happier person.”

Danielle, who was previously married to former footballer, Jamie O’Hara, had expressed her feelings towards Nicola McLean saying: “We have never been the best of friends, obviously we are acquaintances.”

The 33-year-old then went on to bash the claim that Nicola had made saying Danielle only dated footballers, by saying: “I think I was obviously really upset about the comments she has made about me being a wannabe WAG and whatever because she is a WAG as well and whether you like the phrase, or don’t like the phrase that’s the phrase that wives and girlfriends of footballers are being called.”

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The star then went on to add: “I’m not ashamed of it, I think the way she is a acting in there is stemming from her insecurities and over her own marriage which is really quite sad really because I have been in her situation with people cheating on me and its just not nice, but I had the respect for myself to leave so…”.

Strong words there…

Danielle has spoken, but will Nicola leave it at that?

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