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Friday 13th December 2019

Men's penises are "half an inch shorter" — because of non-stick frying pans!

Chemicals in the kitchenware are disrupting testosterone levels

They are the height of convenience when frying food, saving millions of us the effort of  working up a sweat trying to scrub them clean.

But the humble non-stick frying pan is creating an unforeseen and embarrassing problem for men.

Scientists have linked the kitchenware with smaller penises and say they are causing the male member to shrink by as much as half an inch, according to The Sun Online.

Experts say chemicals, called PFCs, in the non-stick surfaces can be harmful to men's hormones.

Non-stick pans can affect testosterone levels (Credit: Jarosław Ceborski/Unsplash)

Not only are they leading to smaller sexual organs but the substances could also have a dire effect on reproduction.

The problem can arise in the womb, so if parents use non-stick pans, their baby boys could grow up with "significantly" shorter and thinner penises.

The magnitude of the problem is alarming.

It can also affect teenagers' testosterone levels, say researchers at the University of Padua in Italy.

The scientists found that young men raised in an area polluted with PFCs had private parts 12.5 per cent shorter and 6.3 per cent thinner than average, which is up to half an inch smaller.

The chemicals are linked to shorter manhood size (Credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash)

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The study involved 383 men with an average age of 18. There was a stark difference in the measurements between those who grew up around Padua, near Venice, which is one of the most PFC-polluted areas in the world, and those from healthier locations.

PFCs are linked to bladder cancer and lower fertility and attach themselves to testosterone receptors, reducing the male sex hormone in the body.

The result is smaller manhood sizes and less productive sperm.

PFCs were phased out five years ago (Credit: Bernard Tuck/Unsplash)

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Male babies developing in the womb who are exposed to the harmful chemicals can have higher female hormones in later life.

Dr Andrea Di Nisio, who led the study, said: "As the first report on water contamination of PFCs goes back to 1977, the magnitude of the problem is alarming.

"It affects an entire generation of young individuals, from 1978 onwards."

PFCs were formerly used in non-stick pans' Teflon coating but were phased out in 2013.

They are also found in cleaning products, waterproof clothing and some cosmetics.

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