Holly Willoughby melts fans’ hearts with cutest video of her youngest child

The loveliest sound in the world!

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Holly Willoughby has got her social media followers’ hearts melting – and a few of her female fans’ ovaries popping – with her latest post.

The busy mum-of-three has shared an intimate video of her enjoying some adorable quiet time with her youngest child, Chester.

The clip shows the TV presenter looking relaxed and happy as she spends some precious moments with one of her babies after a busy morning at work .

Holly, 36, beams with delight as she teases her little one with tickles – and he rewards her with the most delicious giggles.

She captioned the post on Instagram: The best sound in all the world… #chester #giggle #love

The best sound in all the world… #chester #giggle #love 💕

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How true: it’s enough to turn even the coldest of Scrooges to mush!

Her fans were giddy with the gorgeousness of it all…

We imagine Holly does a very good job of shedding her work life as soon as she steps through the door of her home – and was doubtless glad to get away from the social media circus surrounding her today.

Twitter was ablaze after she and This Morning co-host Phil Schofield linked to the Loose Women panel ahead of their show today.

The ladies were discussing cake and Katie Price commented: “Holly, you need to eat this. You’re losing far too much weight.”

As the camera returned to the This Morning studio, Holly didn’t respond – but her fans had plenty to say about it.

They variously branded Katie’s remark “rude”, “uncalled for”, “vile” and “awkward”.

One sound of that delightful giggle and all of this nonsense surely melts away – just joyful!

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