Mel Giedroyc astounded by stupidity of guest on new quiz show Letterbox

They failed to get the easiest test right

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We know it’s stressful when filming a telly show, but is there really any excuse for being a total baboon on a quiz show?

We reckon that Mel Giedroyc must have been thinking this while recording today’s episode of quiz show LetterBox.

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If you haven’t seen the BBC Two show yet, it sees contestant pairs battling it out to win £2500 by trying to crack a series of passwords by selecting letters and working out the words.

But in today’s episode she was joined by two sets of couples who were finding it hard to work out a really, really easy nine letter word.

In fairness to the couples, they did manage to get seven of the letters, which formed the part-word ‘–asimodo’.

With the added clue it was a fictional character, most people in the audience, at home or swinging around Notre Dame were jumping up and down screaming the word ‘Quasimodo’.

But the couples in the studio just couldn’t get their heads around what the word could be.

The dimwits!

Every time the couples suggested a wrong letter, poor Mel looked like she wanted to give them both a shake.

At one point she was in such despair she placed her head in her hands and then begged one of the contestants to get the right letter, begging “Troy, Please, I beg of you…please.’

But Troy gave her an incorrect ‘C’.

Thinking that rival Lyndsey make scoop the prize, Mel looked bright an hopeful.

But Lyndsey guessed ‘F’. Yes, ‘F’. Can you believe it?

‘This is stressing me out,’ Troy gasped when it was his turn again,  as he struggled to work out the word.

An exasperated Mel quipped: ‘It’s stressing us out as well Troy!’

Luckily the penny finally dropped and Troy guessed Quasimodo correctly!


And relax!

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