Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks have huge row on tonight’s Celeb Juice

Things get saucy for all the wrong reasons

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Stick fiery on-off couple Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks on any TV show and you’re dicing with drama.

Shove them on Celebrity Juice and shove stirrer Keith Lemon into the mix and you can guarantee fireworks.

It’s anyone’s guess where the TOWIE pair are in their relationship, since Pete was caught out sexting ex Jacqui Ryland.

Although, on tonight’s show, Pete does refer to Megan as his “ex-girlfriend”… we spy very unfinished business.

They both see red as Keith probes them about who they’d each allow into a threesome.

The host asks Pete who Megan would like to join them for a sexy fumble and he replies: “No idea.”

First mistake. Megan is fuming. “Are you joking? Who’s like the only person I really talk about?” she spits.

Pete then jokingly asks, “Yourself?”

The audience gasps, as his some-time lover shrieks: “Oh my god. A*******.”

When Keith then reveals that Megan has chosen Justin Bieber as their plus one, it’s Pete’s turn to get the hump.

He shouts: “Oh f*** off!”

Keith then gleefully reveals who Pete would like to join him in bed with Megan – supermodel Adriana Lima.

Megan hits back: “What, are you winding me up!?”

To be fair, based on these choices, we’d have to go with Pete’s fantasy.

Elsewhere on the show, it appears the couple are subjected to whipping up some weird prawn cocktail concoction – in their mouths. Fishy!

Don’t miss Celebrity Juice at 10pm tonight on ITV2, it’s a cracker!

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