Megan McKenna branded a ‘mug’ as she takes back love-rat Pete Wicks

TOWIE viewers were furious!

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Fans are NOT happy with TOWIE’s Megan McKenna as she has taken back cheating Pete Wicks.

The Essex lad was in hot water after he was exposed for texting ten other woman BEHIND Megan’s back.

The texts were a mix of sexts as well as calling his girlfriend boring, while being on holiday with her.


Love-rat Pete whisked Meg away for a spa break to try and woo her back, and it seems it has worked.

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Megan was seen grinning from ear-to-ear while agreeing to give their relationship another go.

The pair sat down for a candelit dinner and Meg told him: “I’ve had a really nice time tonight.”

Pete, who looked pretty chuffed, said: “Trust is going to take time but as I have said to you a thousand times, I’ve got all the time in the world.

“I’m not pressuring you, not rushing you, I know exactly what I want and that is you.”

Meg replied: “I hope I get to a point where I don’t have to worry about that as much.”

At that exact moment, ‘their song’ came on and Megs got very emotional.

Pete told her: “I know this is cheesy as f*** but how many times have we listened to this and said it would be our first song if we got married.

“I have lost ya, and I want you back. I’m not going to stop.

“Although there is a lot of s*** going on, it’s just about me and you.

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“Whatever happens is going to affect the rest of my life.

“I’m not particularly good with emotions and feelings but I have nothing to lose now.”

A smiling Meg said: “Should we cheers?”

When Pete asked her to what, she replied: “To our first date.”

The pair may have been happy, but viewers were fuming.

Twitter was bombarded with messages to Meg, mainly branding her a “mug”.

One person even found a picture of a mug and wrote: “New photo of Megan McKenna #TOWIE.”

Another added a picture of a doormat and wrote: “Megan looks different now… #towie”.

One fan commented: “I’ve had periods that have lasted longer than Megan and Pete’s breakup then makeup!!! Don’t come crying when it happens again #TOWIE.”

We can’t help but agree with the viewers, Megs you’ve made a big mistake!

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