Meet the man with a Jeremy Kyle tattoo on his bum cheek!

You won't believe who he's planning for the other one!

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A man has explained how he defied his girlfriend to get Jeremy Kyle tattooed on his rear… because why not?

Jamie Everall, 25, had the ITV presenter inked by the same artist who has also tattooed Keith Lemon and a spaghetti-eating portrait of Ant and Dec on clients’ bum cheeks.

It’s accompanied by a quote from the presenter saying: “The lie detector test results are in. Guess what sunshine.”

He is considering whether to have Kyle’s therapist sidekick Graham Stanier on the other cheek too.

Everall said he discussed the project with his girlfriend Kaitlin Allison beforehand and she told him not to go ahead.

“She said ‘you’re not getting that’, but I wanted to, so I didn’t really tell her,” he laughed.

He added: “I’ve told my closest friends and as soon as they see it they start laughing.

“It’s bringing smiles to people’s faces. It’s a bit of fun, a bit of banter.”

Tattooist Steve Bell, who said the portrait was only three-quarters finished, joked he never intended to become famous for his backside art. “I always hoped to invent something,” he said. “Drawing on blokes’ bums – not good.”

Bell, owner of the Clockwork Orange parlour in Norton, said he might keep up the theme of ITV stars on bottoms by tattooing Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh on to another client’s cheeks.


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