McFly’s Harry Judd shares cute video of baby daughter’s first word!

It's not the one most parents would hope for...

McFly’s Tom Fletcher is one of our favourite celeb dads. But band mate Harry Judd is coming for his crown.

He has shared an adorable video of his baby daughter saying her first word.

Was it Mamma? Dadda? No.

Little Lola’s first word was Peppa. At least, her mum and dad are assuming it was Peppa, from Peppa Pig, and not ‘pepper’ the condiment…

The sweet 10-second clip sees the 14-month old laid back with a book as Harry recreates the TV show’s theme tune.

Right on cue, the cutie mouths Peppa.

Proud Harry and his wife Izzy then cheer, which makes their first-born smile.

It’s an exploding ovaries moment – if you’re a female viewer, at any rate.

Harry’s fans shared their joy after watching it.

One wrote: “OMG, her first word is Peppa, that’s the most adorable thing ever.

Another said: “I think I just died of cuteness.”

She definitely didn’t – she couldn’t have posted that message – but we get the idea.

Parenthood is particularly special for the 31-year-old and his other half, because they tried for so long to become a family.

The couple have spoken openly in the past about their IVF treatment.

Izzy was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and then suffered a miscarriage in 2014.

Opening up to Hello! magazine, former Strictly Come Dancing winner Harry admitted:

“You feel like you are never going to be the ones who get to say, ‘We are having a baby.’ That is why we feel so blessed now.

All the ‘awwwwwws’!

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