McFly star reconnects with his estranged dad

We love a happy ending

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A few weeks ago viewers of The Voice were moved when McFly singer Danny Jones burst into tears when a hopeful revealed his dad had abandoned him.

Eleven-year-old hopeful Tomas performed Kelly Clarkson’s Piece By Piece and explained to the coaches what the song meant to him.

“Kelly Clarkson sings about her dad leaving her and I can relate to that,” he said.

Feeling choked up, Danny got very choked up as told the young the singer: “I can relate to that too.”

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It emerged that Danny too had lost touch with his dad as he grew up.

But the good news is, since that episode aired, Danny has reconnected with his dad for the first time in 13 years.

When asked by the Daily Star Sunday if he had been in contact with his dad, he said: “I did hear from him. But it’s something to be discussed at a later stage.

“I’m just enjoying the show for now and trying not to get distracted.”

Prior to the series he had said that he felt that if there was any chance of reconnecting with his estranged dad then it would be up to his dad to make the first move.

“If you’re a dad then it’s your job to do it. It shouldn’t be my job to do it. It’s his,” he said.

Adding: “He decided to have me.”

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Meanwhile, Lorraine Kelly asked the hunky singer last week if he would like to be a dad like his other McFly bandmates Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd.

When he said he was “always thinking about it”, cheeky Lorraine replied “And always practising?” adding, you have to “get it right”.

Danny’s wife Georgia, a model and former Miss Great Britain, said last year that the pair of them had kids on their mind but were not in any rush.

“If I got pregnant tomorrow I’d be absolutely over the moon,” she said. “but it’s not at the top of our list. It’s on our list, just not on the top.”

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