Mayhem at The X Factor auditions as Simon Cowell crashes stolen golf buggy

The show was filming at Thorpe Park

In spite of all the dramas behind the scenes on The X Factor of late (tumbling ratings, absent judges), it looks like this series is going to be a fun one.

This week Simon Cowell and the judges were hosting auditions at Thorpe Park and appeared to be having a whale of a time.

Between auditions, Si and his fellow judges, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger jumped into a production buggy and tore around the park like mischievous kids.

Simon tried to lighten the mood on the X Factor set by driving their judges around the park in a buggy (Credit: Instagram)

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“Simon was in a wild mood and decided to go off in search of ice cream sandwiches for him and the judges” a source has revealed.

“He pinched a golf buggy from where they were filming and off he went.”

However, it turns out that perhaps Simon is not the best person to take the driving seat and it wasn’t long before drama ensued and the X Factor team were reaching for their insurance company’s hotline.

As Simon motored the buggy around Thorpe Park, he decided to manoeuvre it into a park shop.

Sadly his spatial awareness was not as spot on as it is with spotting a star and it bashed into the alarms and caused mayhem.

Simon had the devil in him as he tore around Thorpe Park in a production buggy (Credit: Instagram)

“As he got close to the park’s ghost train he tried to drive the cart into a shop but completely underestimated the width of the door and clattered into some metal detectors,” the insider told the Mirror.

There were worries that the judges may have been hurt in the smash but all was okay in the end (credit: Instagram)

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“There was a brief period of concern that the judges could have been hurt, but they were soon on their way again.”

Well, thank goodness for that!

We can’t wait to see the obviously filmed clip on the show when it kicks off in August!