Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright reveals why he’d always ‘feared having children’

He's expecting a baby girl with his wife Amelia

Matthew Wright has said he was worried having a child would “screw up” his happiness with wife Amelia.

Last month, the presenter, 53, announced the joyous news that he and Amelia are expecting their first child, a baby girl, after eight years of IVF treatment and six heartbreaking miscarriages.

However, in a new candid interview, dad-to-be Matthew has revealed his fears of becoming a dad for the first time.

Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia at The National Reality TV Awards (NRTA) 2015
Matthew admitted he was worried having a child would “screw up” his happiness with Amelia (Credit: Wenn)

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Matthew told The Daily Star: “I don’t want to go into too much detail but I never really found what made me happy until my mid-to late 30s.

“Therapy helped me figure it out. I had to come to terms with some very heavy things.”

He added: “Then I met Amelia and everything was fantastic. Actually, one of the reasons I didn’t want children is I’d [expletive] finally found happiness. Why risk screwing it up?”

However, after discovering the couple were expecting their first child together, Matthew said his fears went away.

Matthew said he’s now excited to become a dad (Credit: ITV)

Matthew said that he and Amelia “keep pinching ourselves” because they can’t believe they’re finally having a baby.

The couple revealed last month that their baby was conceived during their seventh round of IVF.

Appearing on Lorraine at the time, Matthew and Amelia spoke about their difficult IVF struggle.

Amelia said: “I almost can’t believe it’s happening. Eight years trying, six miscarriages. But seventh time lucky.”

Matthew Wright and his wife on Lorraine
Amelia and Matthew had been through multiple rounds of IVF before conceiving (Credit: ITV)

Matthew added: “The last time Amelia met you I was in the jungle and she was just talking then about struggling to have a child and then immediately after that was two very big miscarriages. That was very hard.”

Matthew admitted he used to never have an interest in being a parent until now and also revealed he and Amelia have gone to hospital “half a dozen times” during the pregnancy.

Talking about how Matthew will be as a father, Amelia gushed: “We talked about it earlier, he’s going to be the most doting dad. Hands on.”

Matthew Wright and wife Amelia on Lorraine
Matthew said being a dad will take number one priority in his life (Credit: ITV)

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Discussing how he’s planning to make fatherhood his number one priority, Matthew said: “Primary carer, potentially. I’m being quite serious about that.

“I was thinking, I had one eye on early retirement, some fishing, chilling out, wine in the sunshine, and then the baby news came I think three, four days after I quit my job on the telly and I thought ‘blimey, I might have to go back to work now.’ But actually I’m thinking ‘no I can be a pensioner parent.'”

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