Matalan’s £6 Anti Snore Pillow saves woman’s marriage – and her husband’s life!

"Absolute bargain" pillow hailed by shopper

For those with a partner prone to snoring, bedtime can be the single most stressful time of the day.

You lie there, wide awake, seemingly for hours, as your other half starts heavy breathing – something which more often that not turns into farmyard-like snoring.

Goodbye beauty sleep!

Matalan’s anti-snore pillow has saved one woman’s marriage – and her husband’s life (Credit Matalan)

Now, however, The Sun reports that one woman has found something that actually works to stop snoring.

And it only costs £6.

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Matalan’s Slumberdown Anti-Snore Pillow has not only saved her marriage, but her husband’s life by the sounds of it too!

This is a bargain if you are ready to suffocate your partner in the night.

Sharing a post to Facebook, the woman revealed it’s been the best £6 she’s ever spent.

She said: “This is a bargain if you are ready to suffocate your partner in the night. £6 from Matalan!”

Head to your nearest pillow stockist if your partner’s snoring leaves you wide awake (Credit: Unsplash)

She added: “I bought it, not expecting it to actually work, and I can’t believe it does! Best £6 I’ve ever spent!”

In news that means she’ll also remain out of prison, the woman added: “And my husband is still alive.”

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However, before you get too carried away, at the time of writing, the pillow was sold out online.

You might find one in store, or Asda has a similar one in stock.

Asda has an anti-snore pillow that’s in stock now (Credit: Asda)

It’s £1 more, but we think that’s a small price to pay for a restful night’s sleep!

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