Mary Berry breaks down as she relives the day her son died

The Bake Off star opens up in emotional documentary

The brave Mary Berry has opened up about the awful time she lost her son William.

He died in a motor accident when he was just 19-year-old during a visit home from his university.

William had travelled back home on a Friday night and his mother was so excited to see him that she made a special roast dinner for the whole family.

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“I remember him walking through the door and asking ‘Who is coming?’ And I said, ‘It’s for you, it’s so lovely to see you and have you here’.”

The next morning, William asked his parents if he could borrow their car for a trip into town.

He never came back.

Mary recalled the moment she found out: “It was about 1pm. The doorbell rang and a policeman was there. Immediately, I knew why. He said, ‘There’s been an accident and I’m sorry to say your son is dead’.”

The Great British Bake Off star and husband Paul Hunnings rushed to the hospital.

“The staff were so understanding,” she said.

“They said, ‘Would you like to see William?’ He looked so beautiful and so lovely. His cold face… It was nice to say farewell.”

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Mary couldn’t hold back any tears at this point, and broke down, as you would expect when talking about such a loss.

The day after William died, she and her family went to church as normal and she saw a memorial plaque that was created by a mother who lost three sons in the First World War.

Amazingly, Mary said: “I looked and knew how I was feeling having lost one.

“I thought about how she must have felt having lost three. Then I thought how lucky we were to still have our other two children.

“We had William for 19 years and he was so much fun. We have great memories.”

What an amazing outlook she has.

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