Marvin Humes gets jealous of Zac Efron after wife interviews the hunk

The JLS star posted a hilarious video after watching Rochelle 'flirt'

Zac Efron made an appearance on Thursday’s edition of Lorraine, with Rochelle Humes hosting the show.

But Rochelle’s husband Marvin looked a little threatened after watching Rochelle gush over the Baywatch star’s muscles.

The High School Musical star and Rochelle weren’t on their own though – they were joined by Alexandra Daddario and Priyanka Chopra, who also star in the movie version of the lifeguard TV show.

Marvin took to Instagram to share his mock anger and jealousy at Rochelle’s ‘flirting’ Credit: Instagram

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Taking to Instagram, the father-of-two posted a video of Rochelle turning her attention to Zac’s muscular physique,

She is heard saying: “The Rock is in pretty good shape, isn’t he? But Zac, did you do a lot of training? You’re looking incredible!”

Marvin, 32, then turned the camera onto selfie mode which captured his face, and what a face it was.

He was NOT impressed.

The singer then admitted that he had to really get to work in the gym if he wanted to match Zac’s impressive torso.

Marvin then shared a clip of himself pulling out huge tubs of protein powder in a bid to get bigger!

The father-of-two pretended to make a protein shake to bulk up and compete with Zac (Credit: Instagram)

“Alright Roch, settle down – as I get to the gym!” he playfully storms off, then adds: “We’ve gotta go hard today”.

Cut to scenes of him in the gym working out furiously.

Oh Marv, it’s OK. Rochelle still loves you.

Standing in for Lorraine, Rochelle chatted to Priyanka Chopra, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario (Credit: Instagram)

The gorgeous couple have just celebrated their daughter Alaia-Mai’s fourth birthday. They also share Valentina Raine, who was born on 10 March 2017.

The Baywatch stars are in the UK to plug the movie after it not doing too well in the States.

After being released on Memorial Day weekend, it’s only brought in $22 million over there, which when compared to the whopping $76.6 million made from the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, it’s significantly smaller.

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So there might not be a Baywatch two?

Marvin is probably very relieved, as are millions of other boyfriends we imagine…