Martine McCutcheon thanks cabbie for saving her from a gang of men

The actress shared her terrifying ordeal on Loose Women

Loose Women panellist Martine McCutcheon has talked about the scary time a group of men grabbed her from their car.

The topic arose on the chat show after a video was released of a lady on a bike being catcalled by men in a van.

The cyclist was asked out on a date, and when she told them to do one, they then proceeded to ask her if she was “on her period.”

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The lady ended up getting so angry that she kicked their wing mirror off. Good for her.

Talking about her own experience, Martine McCutcheon said she was walking through South Kensington heading to a party when a 4×4 car pulled up next to her.

Martine said: “There was a gaggle of guys in there. They were saying what they wanted to do to me, and then another one would do it… violent sexual comments.

“As I went to say ‘go away’, one of them got hold of my coat collar. I was running with the car, it was still moving,” she explained.

“I was worried if I stopped the wheels would go over my feet. I was panicking so much. I just thought, ‘This is it’.

“I thought they’d drag me into the car and do what they wanted to do to me.”

This terrifying moment was luckily stopped as a black taxi drove in front of the car and immediately came round to help her.

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The sweet man told her ‘you stay there’ and then asked the guys: ‘what on Earth do you think you’re playing at?’

The Love Actually actress then said: “He got me in the taxi and drove me to a petrol station where he got me a can of coke because I was shaking, and he took me to my party.

“I asked if I could pay and he said no, have a lovely time, and please get a car back and don’t walk.”

She then thanked him live on TV and said how grateful she was that he was there.

What a lovely man.

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