Martine McCutcheon reveals why her father threatened to throw her off a balcony

She was just a baby

Martine McCutcheon has spoken out about abuse she suffered from her father.

Speaking to The Guardian, she bravely revealed that he once threatened to throw her off a balcony while under the influence of drugs.

She told the publication: “My father was very handsome and charismatic.

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“Beautiful women fell at his feet.

“Mum was really attractive, but couldn’t understand his fascination with her.

“The bottom line was that they were both broken.

“He could sense she had had difficult times and wanted to fix her, but it became a dysfunctional, obsessive love.

“My father also had drink and drug problems – he would see red and do horrific things.

During the interview, she also spoke out about his abuse of her mother when she spoke about the incident.

She said: “Mum suffered domestic abuse at his hands and, when I was a baby, he threatened to drop me over a balcony when he was high.”

Earlier this year, Martine recalled another traumatic memory, this time involving a stalker.

Speaking to VICE, she said: “One time, when I was living in Chelsea, I was recording the You Me & Us album in Chiswick, and I was supposed to go back to my flat that night.

“But the producers invited me out after the session.

“Even though it would have been much quicker just to go home, for some reason I felt like I should go all the way to Islington for a drink.

“And this night, when I was out in Islington, he knocked out the concierge at my building.

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“Then he went upstairs and macheted my front door in.

“After that he was sectioned; he’s still in an asylum now.

“That was the closest I’ve ever come to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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