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Martin Lewis shocks Susanna Reid with explosive rant on Good Morning Britain

He was furious

There’s usually a fiery debate of some sort on Good Morning Britain, but it tends to comes from controversial presenter Piers Morgan.

But on today’s GMB an unlikely candidate went on an explosive rant about Facebook scammers, and it was money expert Martin Lewis.

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Susanna was visibly shocked at Martin’s rant (Credit: ITV)

Martin makes regular appearances on daytime shows to give advice about anything and everything money related.

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But today he went on a tangent when he warned people to stay away from fake Facebook adverts set up by fraudsters pretending to be him.

He revealed that scammers have been conning people out of money by using his face on their adverts to look trustworthy.

Martin was visibly angry as he said: “There are a series of sites using my face and name, including images from this show, on Facebook to advertise a range of things I have nothing to do with.

Credit: ITV
Martin was furious with the Facebook scammers (Credit: ITV)

“The biggest one is called Cloud Trader, which is an unregistered binary trading firm that the FCA has warned against. The advert says I have invested half a million and that it is an easy way to make money.

“This is a lie. I have not invested, it is not based in the UK, it is a scam.”

He continued: “A man got in touch with me the other day – very angry with me because he’s lost £19,000 in it and he’s not the only one. When we try and shut it down on Facebook after a while they take it down and the next day a new ad pops up.”

He turned to look directly at the camera to address the viewers as he said: “It’s rife across the internet. I do not do Facebook adverts.

“If you see my picture on it, it is a lie. Do not trust it, do not sniff it, do not smell, don’t go near it.”

Credit: ITV
Martin addressed the viewers to warn them against fraudsters (Credit: ITV)

GMB presenter Susanna Reid can be heard gasping at Martin Lewis’s tale, and looking shocked, while co-host Ben Shephard clearly felt bad for Martin.

Martin looked sad as he ended his rant saying: “These people are leeching off the trust I have spent my entire career building, to try and con people and it is very upsetting.”

Viewers were also shocked as they tweeted their concern for Martin.

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One tweeted: “Thought he was going to burst into tears then,” while another said: “@MartinSLewis Just saw you on #GMB – think you need coffee and a cake after that! Deep breaths!”

Others were quite concerned that people had fallen for the fraudsters schemes as one viewer tweeted: “Regardless of an ad wrongly using Martin Lewis’s face, people really need to stop being mugs and falling for get rich quick schemes.”

Another person comented: “Fair one to @MartinSLewis – scam adverts are a nightmare!”