Married footballer broke Lisa Snowdon’s heart!

Footie guy had returned to wife

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Star of tonight’s I’m A Celeb, Lisa Snowdon, had her heartbroken when she found out that the hunky footballer she was dating had gone back to his wife.

The stunning 44-year-old’s relationship with married international footballer Jay Bothroyd was left in tatters when he kissed and made up with his stunning Italian other half.

Jay, 34, was apparently ordered to give Lisa the red card by his gorgeous Italian wife, Stella. If he didn’t, she said “…our marriage is over.”

A friend of the gorgeous presenter has revealed that Lisa was in shock that he was still into his wife: “Lisa had no idea. He told her the marriage was over.”

Lisa, apparently, believed Jay when he told her he was single. They hooked up at a glitzy awards ceremony back in 2010. Jay’s wife Stella Pozzi-Bothroyd was there too but seemingly that wasn’t enough of a clue that the two were still together.

That well placed snitch said: “Lisa had no idea when she began dating Jay he was still with Stella. He said the marriage was over and he was single. So it was a real shock when she found out he had lied.”

When Stella found out about Lisa, Jay was forced to choose between them and at first he picked the Capital Radio star. Things started to get serious and the pair even began to look at buying houses together.

The pal says: “Lisa was far from happy with the situation, but she thought that in ending his marriage, Jay had proved he loved her as much as she loved him.”

But four months later the relationship went cold, with Jay’s teammates apparently ribbing him for dating a woman who had previously bagged Hollywood hunk George Clooney!

Nowadays, Lisa is happy with her current man, the entrepreneur George Smart. Sounds like a smart move, Lisa.

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