Marnie’s fury as TOWIE ex reveals REAL reason why they split!

Reality star spills his guts and Marnie's not happy.

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Ooh there’s nothing we like more than a good old fashioned celebrity cat fight – especially when it’s done so shamelessly in public.

This week, we have a right humdinger of a spat courtesy of Ricky Rayment, who has rather ungentlemanly revealed the REAL reason why he and his ex girlfriend Marnie Simpson split a couple of years ago.

Needless to say, the Geordie Shore and recent CBB beauty isn’t happy about what he has to say.

The feud kicked off this week after the ex TOWIE hunk admitted he actually REGRETTED dating and getting engaged to the Geordie lass  because of all the “aggro” she had brought to their relsationship.

“I know a lot of people always go ‘I don’t regret it- it put me on the path I’m on now’ and all that that cliché b*****ks,” he said. “But I think I could have done without all the aggro. And she would probably agree. I don’t miss her at all!”

But there’s more. The handsome hunk, who previously dated Jess Wright, went on to explain that his short-lived romance with Marnie actually came to a troublesome end mainly because he could no longer live with her constant boozy nights out because he was worried she was up to no good when she was under the influence.

“She’d get really drunk and then in my mind I’d be like ‘f**king hell, she could be getting up to anything’,” Ricky revealed. “She seems to think it’s okay to neck on with her girl mates. But in a ways, it’s like cheating. I wasn’t that keen on her when she went out.”

However, Ricky added that life with the raven haired Geordie lass wasn’t all bad: ‘”I was fine when I was with her – we had lots of fun,” he recalled. “But it was more when she was drunk without me that caused the worries in my head. Maybe it was just me being paranoid. But she’s not the sort of girlfriend I would want going out.’

Although Ricky gave Marnie’s current fella – Ricky’s ex TOWIE co-star Lewis Bloor – a word of warning that he’d feel “a bit of anxiety” if he were him, he also gave Lewis his blessing should he plan to propose to Marnie as rumoured – and even told him he could use the engagement ring he gave Marnie to do it.

“She’s got my ring,” he told New. “So he can use that if he decides to propose. He has my permission to use it.”

If you’re wondering what Marnie has to say about Ricky’s rather indiscreet comments, well, yes, you’re right – the fiery Miss ain’t too happy. And what does a p*ssed off ex do when her cage has been rattled? Yep, that’s right Tweets some super shade: “Your still selling stories on me why Embarrassing SplitUp2YearsAgoMate AWKS.[sic]”

Ouch! Ricky is yet to respond to the comments, but by Jiminy, we can’t wait for round two. Ding Ding!