Marnie Simpson admits she’s ruined her looks – but wants more work!

What is the poor girl thinking?

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These days girls as young as 18 are dashing off to a cosmetic surgeon to have a lip filler here and a spot of Botox there.

And that’s partly down to the fact that some young reality stars are held up as role models – who are, NOTHING of the sort.

But in spite them boasting about what they have had done to their faces, some of these girls are not happy about their surgically enhanced faces.

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Take the genuinely pretty Marnie Simpson, for example, who has endured many procedures over the years.

She has now sensationally revealed that she reckons she’s ruined her looks.

The 25-year-old reality TV star, who split with CBB boyfriend Lewis Bloor recently, has been diagnosed with body dysmorphia and says she regrets the long list of surgical procedures she has undergone – which includes liposuction, a nose job, lip fillers and a boob job –  she endured.

‘I know I went overboard with my lips; and with liposuction, I felt like I’d been in a car crash afterwards,” she admits.

“I was left with all these limps and bumps. I thought, “Why have I done this?” I’ve ruined my looks.

But instead of learning her lesson from past mistakes, she says she wants to CONTINUE having more surgery.

“I always find things wrong with me and it’s taking all my willpower not to have any more surgery,’ the Geordie lass confessed.

“I’ve had all the lip filler removed, but I want my chin shaved for a more chiselled look – though I don’t want to end up like a robot and ruining my looks even further.’

Lesson learned? Steer clear of the surgeon’s knife.

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