‘Marmite’ public figure set for Strictly Come Dancing 2017?

We don’t know how we feel about this...

After the success of Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing, a fellow politician is set to follow in his toe-tapping footsteps.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage – who was a target for I’m A Celebrity – revealed that he may be considering a twirl or two on the dancefloor.

Now this will be interesting…

He told the Mirror: “He did so brilliantly – so, so brilliantly – that I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

Nigel even hinted that he’s already received offers, he said: “I’ve had plenty of offers, I just couldn’t do any of them right now.

“I would never say never.

“I just couldn’t do anything now because I’ve been so busy.”

He was allegedly offered £750,000 to appear in the jungle show, but turned it town with UKIP’s press officer saying he’s “not a blithering idiot” and would “rather go fishing”.

Such a shame, we’d have loved to see him devour some turkey testicles!

Maybe he’ll put on his dancing shoes instead…

Nigel has even been linked to Celebrity Big Brother – another show we’d love to see him on – but he was reportedly asking for too much money to take part.

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Ed Balls

An insider said: “Farage is keen to appear on reality TV but he is asking for far too much money.

“He has been in talks with CBB but insisted he wanted £750,000 to take part.

“His demands were way out of this year’s budget.

“The highest paid contestant this year was Christopher Biggins but even he is earning less than half of that.”

Who does he think he is?

Ed Balls won over the hearts of the nation as he progressed with flying colours.

Speaking after his departure from the show, he said: “If people watching have had half the fun I’ve had learning to dance with Katya then they must have had a complete blast because it’s been such a fabulous thing.

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Strictly Come Dancing

“The judges, all the supporters, the make-up team, the wardrobe, in particular that band are the best in the world.

“It’s just wonderful.

“But above all the only reason we have been able to learn and to entertain is because of Katya, and it’s her first series.

“She’s going to go on to be a total dynamite, knock-out Strictly star, she is just the best there is. Absolutely amazing.

“She is utterly brilliant. And to all the people who have kept me in this long, thank you very much, I’m very grateful and I’ve had a wonderful time.”

Do you think Nigel will do as well as Ed?

Watch this space!

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