Mark Wright warns fans to “trust gut feeling” in cryptic post about his own decisions

The ex TOWIE star gets searingly honest about own life decisions

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Mark Wright has warned his fans to always trust their intuition in a cryptic and candid message about his own personal and professional choices.

The ex TOWIE star, who is married to actress Michelle Keegan, raised eyebrows with an Instagram post about making tough decisions.

“I’m someone who overthinks situations and decisions daily, too much sometimes, but I always go with my gut in the end and 99% of the time it’s right,” admitted Mark.

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“It’s extremely hard to guess the outcome of a personal or career situation or decision that we do or don’t deep down believe in.

“It’s that deep down feeling that is always right. Trust it !!

“Intuition…. it’s there for a reason.”

Mark, 30, provided no context for his rather random post leaving fans scratching their heads as to what exactly he meant and what personal or career situations he was referring to.

Some fans simply said they hoped Mark was okay, while others said they agreed with his message and it was an important point to make.

“Totally agree with this Mark. I’ve always gone with my gut feeling and it’s always been right,” said one.

“I totally believe this!!! It’s intuition and it’s usually spot on!! That is total trust and belief in yourself right there!!” agreed another.

Mark’s carved a successful TV and radio career for himself since quitting TOWIE, the fly on the wall series that made him famous, in 2011.

As well as co-hosting Take Me Out spinoff The Gossip, Mark’s got his own radio show on Heart FM, a kids’ programme called The Deningeers and recently landed a plummy job as entertainment correspondent on showbiz programme Extra over in the US.

The star celebrated his second wedding anniversary with ex Coronation Street actress Michelle in May.

Despite gushing about each other in interviews and looking smitten on red carpets, the TV couple have been forced to defend their marriage on numerous occasions, particularly after Michelle landed the lead role in BBC army drama Our Girl’s second series and spent months filming abroad.

She’s currently filming the third series in destinations including Nepal and South Africa, while Mark is travelling between the UK and US for his own work commitments, meaning the couple’s time together is limited.

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Both, however, have frequently said they make their relationship work even when they’re not physically in the same place.

Mark said recently on ITV’s Lorraine: “I just think you make it work. It keeps it exciting and you get to travel the world together. You just have to put that time aside.”

Michelle echoed that while talking to Hello magazine, saying last time she was filming Our Girl, she and Mark FaceTimed and Skyped every day, and visited each other when they could.

Marking Michelle’s 3oth birthday in June, a gushing Mark said on Instagram: “Happy birthday to the best friend I ever had…. my rock, my love and the person who gives me more joy than anything in the world.”

You guys!

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