Mark Wright seeks fans’ advice for “horrendous” sleep problem

Showbiz reporter has been suffering from sleep paralysis

Mark Wright has revealed he’s been suffering from sleep paralysis.

The Extra! showbiz reporter took to Twitter to ask if his fans had similar experiences of the problem, which causes a feeling of being conscious but unable to move.

Some people also feel like they have a pressure on their chest and can’t breathe.

“Anyone have this ? I’ve had it a few times. Last night was the worse I ever had it. Horrendous feeling,” Mark wrote.

Mark Wright tweet

Hundreds of his fans replied to offer their sympathy and share their experiences.

“It’s awful!” one agreed. “I had it when I was a teen! It felt like a ghost was pushing me down in my sleep and I was trying to scream and wake up but no words would come out!”

Mark replied to say: “Exactly that!! I could of sworn a ghost was pinning my shoulders down. Once I snapped out of it I was screaming.”

Mark Wright tweet

Another told the former TOWIE star: “They are horrendous. I felt like I’ve been thrown around my bedroom before. Always too terrified to go back to sleep afterwards.”

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Mark replied: “I feel ya, last night though, when I went back to sleep it happened again. Twice in one night, horrific.”

Mark Wright tweet

Others offered their tips to the 31-year-old in case it happens again.

“I try and shout out. It usually helps me come around,” wrote one.

“Best way to get out of it is to relax as much as you can then all of a sudden try burst out your own body, it’s horrible as,” said another.

Mark Wright interviewing Chris Pratt (Credit: Instagram)
Mark was back to the day job interviewing actor Chris Pratt (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s scary but once you know what it is you can manage to get yourself out of it sometimes. The main thing to do is relax and know you will come out of it and trust me it works. Because you are sort of half awake half asleep,” explained a third.

A fourth added: “I never tweet but just wanted to say that I get this and have worked out I only get it when I sleep on my back! Weird I know! When you have it, don’t fight it as makes it worst. Just relax and you come out of it easier! It’s weird!”

Michelle and Mark spent time together at the weekend as he was back in the UK for Soccer Aid (Credit: Fameflynet)

Despite his bad night’s sleep, Mark was back on form in his day job on Thursday, interviewing actor Chris Pratt on the red carpet in L.A.

The presenter, who is married to actress Michelle Keegan, has moved to the States where he is loving his role as an entertainment reporter for the TV show Extra!

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He was able to spend some time with his wife at the weekend as he flew back to Manchester to take part in the Soccer Aid football match, where he helped Robbie Williams’ England side win by scoring a penalty.

mark Wright and Olly Murs (Credit: Instagram)
Mark enjoyed taking part in Soccer Aid with celebs including Olly Murs (Credit: Instagram)

As they celebrated at the after party with his mum and Michelle, Mark shared videos of them all dancing on his Instagram Stories with the caption: “My favourite women [on] planet earth.”

He also enjoyed spending time with team mate Olly Murs, sharing a video of them larking around on his Instagram feed, while Olly revealed they shared a post-match bath together!

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