Mark Wright says only a baby with Michelle will stop divorce gossip

Their relationship was said to be on the rocks, but the couple insist they are happily married

TV presenter Mark Wright and actress Michelle Keegan have been dogged by rumours of marital difficulties since they got hitched in 2015.

“People won’t stop saying we are splitting up until Michelle gets pregnant,” Mark has now admitted. “We do want to have kids but in our own time, not just yet.

“The rumours started when we were on honeymoon. We just ignore it now. I saw one story about us never seeing each other when I was lying in bed with Michelle in South Africa!”

The couple’s relationship has been tested, however, as they’ve spent a lot of time apart.

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Since leaving Coronation Street, Michelle has starred in shows including Our Girl and Tiny and Bobby. And there were rumours that she’d enjoyed a “close friendship” with her Our Girl co-star Luke Pasqualino.

Michelle has branded the split rumours as “so annoying”.

“The thing is I don’t even read [the papers] anymore,” she said. “It just winds me up.”

The actress took her wedding ring off before filming Our Girl in South Africa – but Mark has said this was his idea for security reasons.

Michelle says she’s given up trying to set the record straight. “There are so many things you can say ‘It’s not true, it’s not true, I’m not wearing my ring for this reason.’

“But they don’t seem to stop writing so you know what, let them write what they want.”

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Mark says he has even got used to watching Michelle do sex scenes, even though it “felt really weird” at first.

“But now I’m completely used to it. That’s her job. I’m her husband. I’m the one she comes home to for real.”

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