Mark Wright responds to cheating rumours

One gossip story too many for the TV star

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There’s always somebody writing something about Mark Wright and his wife Michelle Keegan, normally about how their marriage is falling apart.

But one gossip story too many has sent former TOWIE star Mark over the edge.

After showing his new work colleague and pal, Mario Lopez, from US show Extra, around some of his fave places in Essex, Mark was snapped outside one of his old haunts apparently chatting to ‘a mystery brunette’.

In photos that were obtained by the Mail Online, it showed the 30-year-old having a chat with the woman outside of the club, before the couple headed into the club ‘together’.

Except there was nothing dodgy going on, and Mark took to Twitter to make sure that EVERYBODY knew what was happening.

Mark wrote: “I need to confront a story which circulated today as amazingly it’s getting quite a bit of attention which is quite upsetting to see.

“The truth is, it’s a friend’s girlfriend and all 3 of us were there actually ‘chatting’ together.

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“That wouldn’t be quite as interesting though would it?

“They have been told this is the true event so hopefully they change the headline.”

Referring to another report and picture that showed he was “chatting” to a “blonde lady at a bar.”

He continued: “Furthermore, my publicist has received a call today from a news syndication relating to a picture from Friday night and me “chatting” to a blonde lady at a bar I had been working next to.

“This would also upset her as she is a professional woman who is my wardrobe assistant and worked for the company I work for, for 18 years.”

“In our current society can men not speak to women aside from their wife without people insinuating something untoward is happening? I hope not.”

Fans waded in with support as well:

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Mark and Michelle have ignored constant rumours about their marriage, but this seemed to be the last straw for Mark who had clearly had enough.

Mark has been back in the UK for the last few days filming for his new US TV show with co-host Mario.

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