Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright offers update on house build with Michelle Keegan and admits it’s been ‘stressful’

She always has 'the final say', he admitted

Mark Wright has offered an update on the home he’s building with wife Michelle Keegan and admitted it has been “stressful”.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Daily, the Heart FM DJ revealed that not only has it been a testing time, he’s also become a bit of a control freak when it comes to the big build.

However, one thing Mark is insistent on is making the new home as green as possible.

And part of the idea for that came from a recent team up with Sky and its Sky Zero and #GameZero initiative.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan and husband Mark Wright are in the process of building their ‘forever’ home (Credit: Splash News)

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan are building their ‘dream’ home

Mark revealed that, while the house build is “coming on well”, it has been “stressful”.

He said: “It’s coming on well. It’s a stressful time. I’m so into it.

“Where we’re building it from scratch I want it to be our dream home and our forever home,” he explained.

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“You know when you move into a new home and it’s like: ‘Why is that socket there, why is that door there?’ It’s quite hard to go off the drawing so I’m walking round and I’m like: ‘No I don’t like that there.’

“My dad can’t wait for it to be over,” he admitted.

While it’s doubtless a stressful time fraught with arguments for any couple, Mark admitted he’d come up with a way to ensure he and Michelle remain on good terms throughout the build.

He admitted: “We have got a similar sense of style. Although Michelle always has the final say and I’d rather it that way because then I don’t get blamed if anything goes wrong!

“Michelle is kind of the finishing touches and I’ve been doing most of the build,” he revealed.

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So how are Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan making the house build more green?

Mark and Michelle have installed solar panels on the roof and, Mark explained, they’ll be using a natural energy source to heat the pool.

“It might sound dramatic but it gives me a good feeling, much like doing things for charity,” he said of his efforts to help the environment.

“It gives you that sense of being a good human.”

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Indeed, Mark revealed that working on the Sky Zero project made him realise how important it is to save the planet.

“I thought I was doing all the right things but I learnt so much more doing this campaign,” he admitted.

“The main thing, and what this whole campaign was about, was electricity. Learning when to use it smart.

“I was always guilty of turning the tumble dryer on at the drop of a hat, throwing my towels and pants in there, but I have a washing line now.

“I try and turn off lights because I used to always sleep with a light on in the house, but I’ve thrown my fears away that the monsters are going to come and sleep in darkness now,” he quipped.

“To be honest I just make as many small changes as I can because if everyone on the planet does that it’ll give big results.”

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan
The Heart FM DJ recently jetted off for sister Jessica’s wedding (Credit: Splash News)

Mark Wright on sister Jess’s ‘amazing’ wedding

It’s been a busy time for Mark of late as he’s just back from his sister Jessica Wright‘s destination wedding.

“It was a long week but I’m back in the swing of things now,” he admitted.

“It was amazing, a sensational wedding,” Mark added.

He also spoke about setting Jess up with her new husband Will.

“I really get on with Will,” he admitted. “In fact, I was the one that set them up.

“He’s a lovely guy, he’s a really nice guy.”

Mark issues warning to Strictly cast of 2021

ED! also asked Mark if he had any tips for the cast of Strictly Come Dancing 2021, having previously competed on the series himself.

And he had quite the warning for the dancing hopefuls!

“There is no way you can take any advice about controlling your nerves on Saturday night before you dance.

“Don’t listen to anyone about doing any kind of ritual, any breathing exercises, because it’s all [bleep] and goes out the window because you’re petrified.

“When you look back when you’re finished though it’s the best experience ever,” he said.

So who is Mark tipping to lift the Glitter Ball trophy?

“I fancy Dan Walker might have a chance,” he said.

“He’s got a straight back, he’s tall, I think he’ll be good at ballroom dancing.

“Yeah, I’ve got a feeling Dan Walker might have a chance,” he said.

However, Mark added: “Although saying that I’ve never seen him dance. He might be like an ironing board!”

So would wife Michelle ever sign up for the BBC dance show, ED! wonders?

“You’d have to ask her that,” Mark responded coyly. “I’ve never asked her.”

Mark Wright teamed up with Sky Sports football pundit Jamie Redknapp to shine a light on the little changes Brits can make in their home and daily lives to reduce their carbon footprint.

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