Mark Wright hits back at latest attempts to create trouble for him and Michelle

Speculating about issues in their marriage has become something of a sport

Who’d have thought from those early days mugging people off in TOWIE that Mark Wright would conquer Hollywood?

Okay, so he hasn’t done that just yet but he’s most certainly well on his way.

The nice-guy from Essex has just landed a regular slot on US entertainment show Extra, along side Mario Lopez of Saved By The Bell fame.

But what does this mean for him and Michelle?

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With him based in the US and ‘Chelle currently filming in South Africa, it means they will rarely get to see each other as they will be oceans apart!

But Mark says he is not worried and is confident that they will find time to see each other rather a lot and added that Michelle is very proud of this latest career move.

“Of course, she’s proud of everything I do and I’m always proud of everything she does,” the giddy star told the Mailonline.

“She probably feels the same way I do,  like “Wow what an opportunity”. She’s touched by it.’

Speaking about how they intend to see each other when they are working so far apart, he said: “I think any husband and wife, if one’s working away then one will visit the other. That’s a given.”

However, in spite of his success Stateside, he says Blighty will always be where his heart is, saying, “England will always be my home.”

“Right now a path has opened up for me in LA and that’s path I have to follow.

“You can’t be turning down opportunities like this, so right now my heart and soul is in LA, in America and in Extra.”

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Since the couple wed in 2015, they have both been busy working.

Michelle has been away filming the BBC series Our Girl overseas, while Mark has been hopping from LA to Mallorca where he does regular DJ gigs!

But the pair do make the effort to see each other – just last week Mark flew out to South Africa to see his wife.

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