Michelle and Mark drop baby bombshell on his “nagging” mum Carol

Couple open up about parenting plans

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As most couples will have experienced first hand, one of the most-frequently asked (and irritating) questions you get asked as soon as you get married is: “When are you going to have babies?”

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are obviously no exception – in fact, they are quizzed on the matter of the patter of tiny feet way more often than most.

Bless ’em, they always answer the probes politely – albeit vaguely (and why not – it’s not really anyone else’s business!).

However, Michelle’s latest response on her plans to become a mum are in stark contrast to her mother-in-law Carol’s expectations. Awwwwwwwk-ward.

Last week, Carol spoke to new! magazine about looking forward to having grandchildren and said it would be happening “soon”.

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The celeb title claims that the Essex matriarch even suggested Mark and Michelle could even be trying now. (Note: trying is not the same as ‘practising’!)

But last week Michelle, 29, peed on that grandma parade when she was asked about starting a family at the Pride of Britain Awards.

“I love children. I always say I’m broody,” the Our Girl actress said, but quickly added: “We’re not planning anything just yet.”

This will, according to the mag, be a huge blow to poor Carol, as she was so excited about the prospect of babies.

At the launch of daughter Jess’s latest clothing collection last week, she spoke about former TOWIE star Amy Childs having a bun in the oven.

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“It’s amazing! Everyone is having a baby, aren’t they?” Um, sorry, C, not quite EVERYONE!

When asked about becoming a grandmother herself soon, Carol added: “I will be soon, I’m sure. They reckon they come like buses so I know it’s going to happen to me.”

With Mark, also 29, the only one of Carol’s four children married, obviously he’s the provider of the first grandchild she has in mind!

But he has already admitted feeling pressure to become a father, explaining: “My mum’s on my case: ‘Hurry up and make it happen, I want to be a nan.’

“I think we’ve got another year or two of her nagging and we’ll have to do it.”

Just as long as Michelle films the next series of Our Girl first, that’s fine by us!

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