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Who is the smartest Chaser? Mark Labbett from The Chase claims he is!

Mark, Anne and Shaun are testing their brains around the world

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Mark Labbett from The Chase has claimed to be smarter than his colleagues Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace, but who is the smartest chaser?

The trio are on screens for their new programme The Chasers Road Trip: Trains Brains and Automobiles.

It sees the three stars of the ITV quiz show travelling around to test their intelligence against opponents of all kinds, from robots and child prodigies to brainy animals like dolphins and bonobos.

Mark is confident he is the smartest (Credit: Boundless Productions/ ITV)

Who is the smartest chaser?

It isn’t known exactly who is the smartest, but The Beast is certainly confident the answer is him.

He says on the show: “Who’s the most intelligent out of the three of us? Me. And why do I say it? Because I believe it, and it’s true, and my ego says it’s true. The others are welcome to prove me wrong but… good luck, guys.”

At one point in the programme, Mark stays true to his word as he’s the only one of the three to beat an ape in one test, leaving him gloating over his victory.

The trio of quizzers are on screens for a new Road Trip show (Credit: Boundless Productions/ ITV)

What are the chaser’s IQs?

Comparing the intelligence of one person to another isn’t a simple matter of comparing their IQs, but even if it was, the task would be difficult as Mark is the only one of the six chasers who has revealed his intelligence quotient.

Mark reportedly has an IQ of 155. To put that into perspective, most people have an IQ of between 85 and 115.

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That’s more than enough to get you into high IQ society Mensa, which requires members to score either at or above the 98th percentile on standardised intelligence tests such as the Stanford-Binet, in which the minimum is 132.

Shaun has discussed the nature of intelligence and how it’s not all about IQ (Credit: Boundless Productions / ITV)

What have the other chasers said about intelligence?

Shaun told ITV, ahead of the show airing: “I know that I am bright, but discovered that I’m clever in a different way to the other two, because there are different forms of intelligence, such as, you have got emotional intelligence.

“You’ve got common sense, and I would like to think that I’ve got that in abundance.

I know that I am bright, but discovered that I’m clever in a different way.

“The mere fact that you may have an IQ of a million, it doesn’t make you any more superior to anyone else, because you have got to use your intellect in different ways, in different situations.

“You have got to have that empathy, that’s just me, only in comparison to my companions.”

Anne thinks her autism makes her a better quizzer (Credit: Boundless Productions/ ITV)

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And Anne says in the show: “Intelligence is being able to figure stuff out, being able to get your head around a new situation – and it might be argued that that is something I have trouble with.

“But I think I’m a better quizzer because I’m autistic, I think autism makes it easier for me to remember stuff.”

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