Mark and Michelle kept further apart as he plans surprise US move

The ex TOWIE star is going to be kept busy in the US, apparently.

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Remember last summer, when Michelle Keegan was off in Africa somewhere filming for her TV show Our Girl?

Small minded tabloids and inventive journos spent all their time speculating about the state of their marriage, suggesting that because they were living and working so far apart, there was trouble at mill and that it wouldn’t be long before there was some kind of announcement.

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But almost a year on, and on the eve of their second wedding anniversary, the couple seem happy as Larry, having been seen out and about more often and the pair of them talking about how in spite of them working apart they couldn’t be more blissful.

Well, now we can expect to read more of the same usual guff from the trashy tabloids as not only is Michelle heading back to South Africa for filming, Mark has also landed himself a job which will see him even busier while his wife is working.

If you listen closely you can almost hear the sound of factless journos already tapping away at their lap tops dreaming up a story about their doomed marriage.

So what’s sparked this?

Well, you see Mark has just landed a massive job in the US which could keep him very busy for the next few months.

This will mean he will find it even more difficult to find time to fly out to South Africa to check up on ‘Chelle.

But even Michelle won’t begrudge him this new opportunity because it could really set him up in the States for life.

The Take Me Out: The Gossip star has been offered a role on ­hugely successful US entertainment programme, Extra after weeks of meeting producers in LA.

And one of his first assignments will be to report from the set of Niall Horan’s music video for a behind the scenes report.

However, although the role is an amazing coup, it has been reported that it might not be a permanent one just yet,

Apparently, producers of the show, which is co-hosted by Saved By The Bell legend Mario Lopez, will be keeping a keen eye on him.

If they like him and his reporting style his time on the show will be secure. If not, he’ll be packing upland coming home.

“This is a massive gig for Mark,” a source told The Sun.

“It will put him in the homes of ­millions of Americans every day.

“He’s hoping it will go well so that more work in the States follows.

“He’s been out in LA for the past few weeks having meetings with the major networks and all the noises are very positive.”

His move to the US could explain the recent belief that Mark has been having elocution lessons.

When he appeared on Lorraine recently, viewers were were curious as to why his broad Essex accent sounded so different.

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But it looks like the US could be a whole new world for Mark.

Not only has he landed this Extra gig, his CBBC show The Dengineers has been picked up by the Discovery Family Channel in the US, so whatever happens it looks like he could well become a household name in the US.

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