Marnie Simpson says fling with FEMALE co-star like doing it with a cartoon character!

The star opened up about the steamy encounter

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Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has opened up about having a sexual encounter with co-star Chloe Ferry.

The 25-year-old revealed that her and Chloe got extremely close after a night out.

But the reality star admitted it felt like “having sex with a cartoon character”.

Marnie and Chloe both star on MTV’s Geordie Shore (Credit: Instagram)

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Speaking to The Sun Online Marnie opened up about the moment of passion.

She said: “Messing with Chloe Ferry is like messing with a cartoon character.

“It’s not real, it sounds silly, but it’s not real. We don’t take it seriously.”

Marnie confessed to having a sexual encounter with Chloe (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s like I’ve dived into this make believe world and it’s like I’m having a laugh and being stupid.

“Because it’s Chloe, it was like I wasn’t really doing it. She’s the one friend that everyone can let loose with and be yourself,” she added.

The stars have shared a few smooches on the MTV show but Marnie admitted their relationship has gone all the way.

Marnie made the X-rated confession in her new book Stripped Bare which is being released June 1.

Marnie compared her co-star to a “cartoon character” (Credit: Instagram)

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In the book she explains that she was desperate for the scene not to air because she had a boyfriend at the time.

She said: “Chloe was laughing about it and saying, ‘Oh, it’s fine man,’ and I was like, ‘It’s not fine. I’ve got a boyfriend’.”

Meanwhile the brunette beauty spilled all on her on-off relationship with co-star Aaron Chalmers.

The pair sparked rumours that they have rekindled their romance after being spotted kissing on a night out.

The reality star recently opened up about her on-off relationship with Aaron (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking about their relationship Marnie said: “It’s complicated. We have such a good friendship that we’re both scared of trying anything more in case we ruin it.

“He’s one of my best friends and I care about him.

“But I’m 100 per cent single and I plan on staying single for the rest of the year because I’ve just come out of a horrible relationship.”

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