Mariah Carey blames SCIENTOLOGY for split from billionaire fiancé

Star believes controversial religion poisoned James Packer against her

Mariah Carey believes Scientology turned billionaire fiancé James Packer against her – and broke up their relationship, according to reports.

Sources close to the singer told Page Six that the Australian’s business manager Tommy Davis is behind the high profile split.

Tommy, who used to be a spokesman for the controversial religion, has apparently ordered James to “disconnect” with the superstar.

He has also taken control of the Australian’s finances and even put him on a detox program known as the “Purification Rundown”

The 49-year-old was a Scientologist for around four years but is believed to have ditched the religion in 2006.

“Mariah and James were looking at homes in Beverly Hills to buy together in August, everything was fine, he was saying she was his soulmate, and he couldn’t wait to marry her,” a source told the New York Post’s gossip column.

“Then suddenly he changed. In September, James suddenly seemed not like himself at all.

“Mariah is suspicious of Tommy, who has been managing James’ finances, and she suspects he is controlling him.”

Mariah, 46, became suspicious when she was ordered to leave her fiance’s yacht in Greece back in September.

“James was acting so strange that Mariah asked him directly, ‘What is going on, are you back in Scientology?’ Then she was told by his staff, ‘James isn’t well and he doesn’t want you to see him like this, so please leave.’”

Sources close to the billionaire deny the claims – and say the split was due to her excessive spending and the drama surrounding her new reality show.

A source from his camp added: “This isn’t true. James is not a part of the Church anymore. Tommy wasn’t even on the boat with Mariah, James, and her team this summer, the only time he has met Mariah was in February when he went as a guest to her concert with James.”

The couple are still negotiating the split with Mariah asking for $50 million for the “emotional distress” of moving to LA from New York for the businessman.

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