Woman reveals man took her to his nan’s funeral on FIRST DATE

The story has gone viral

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For anyone who’s ever been on Tinder, you’ll be familiar with bad dates. But this woman may have everyone else beat when it comes to the cringe-y quest for love.

One Twitter user shared a horrifying first date story from a friend, who was forced to attend a funeral…

The woman, who goes by Trash Panda on the social media website, tweeted: “When my mate asked if she’d told me about her worst first date I didn’t anticipate this…”

She then shared a series of screen grabs from Whatsapp, showing a conversation with a friend saved as “Bridget Jones.”

Bridget wrote that the prospective suitor had told her to “wear a black dress” so he could “surprise” her.

“Raych” shared her friend’s story (Credit: itsraych Twitter)

She initially thought it was romantic, and things went well after he picked her up by car.

But then he pulled into a crematorium, and she started to worry, writing: “[He] pulls in and I’m like, ‘Are you out of fuel?”

Her friend replies: “No way no way no way,” as Bridget continues: “He goes, ‘Nah, just really needed someone to come to this thing with me.”

Her friend could hardly believe it (credit: itsraych Twitter)

She then confirms: “It’s his nan’s funeral,” adding: “People are sobbing and I’m like, ‘I can’t leave.'”

Trash Panda is shocked, saying: “YOU STAYED???” as Bridget says: “Imagine calling an Uber to a funeral home.”

‘Bridget’ felt like she couldn’t leave as people were crying (credit: itsraych Twitter)

She ended the story by explaining: “Turns out his girlfriend had left him a few weeks earlier and everyone had been looking forward to meeting her so he looked for someone to fill the spot.”

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Within two days, the post had nearly 30k likes, as Twitter exploded with shock and amusement at the outrageous story.

The man introduced his date to family (credit: itsraych Twitter)

One tweeted: “This is hilarious,” as another wrote: “It really doesn’t get much worse than that.”

Another joked: “And they say romance is dead. 😁 Sorry, couldn’t resist.”

One more added simply: “Oh my actual god,” while a fifth suggested: “Someone quick! Make a movie out of this!!”

The story went viral with people sympathising (credit: Twitter)

Others shared their own bad dates stories, with one writing: “God, and I thought my first date was bad. Went to a school dance, gaggle of friends tried dragging me to dance and I opted to collapse to the ground instead.”

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We cannot believe the cheek of that guy. And how lovely of ‘Bridget’ to comfort him through it anyway.

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