Man gets Ian Beale’s infamous crying face TATTOOED on his leg

Luke Evangelou decided to put Ian's face permanently on his body

Ian Beale’s infamous crying face has turned out to be one of the most iconic scenes in the soap with the clip being spread across social media by millions.

But one man Luke Evangelou decided to take it one step further and get Beale’s crying face TATTOOED on the back of his leg.

Luke is no EastEnders fan though – he had unintentionally stumbled across the scene and was so amused by Beale’s performance he decided to get it put on his leg forever.

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Luke revealed he went to get inked earlier this month and ended up walking out with Ian, played by Adam Woodyatt, placed on the bottom of his leg.

The carer took to Twitter to share his new ink and tweeted the snap to Adam himself.

This is probably one of the most brilliant things we’ve ever seen.

He wrote: “Ian, you do have something left, I’m always here for you brother! Much love! @AdamWoodyatt this is a genuine tattoo I’ve had done yesterday!”

Luke admitted that he has tweeted Adam constantly in the hope of getting him to sign his leg so he can get that inked too.

Luke, 24, told The Sun: “I thought it would be funny.

“It doesn’t bother me that it’s on me for life. I remember watching that episode and I thought he looked funny.

“I’m sending the picture to him every day.”

“I call him Ian on Twitter even though I know he’s called Adam, but he’s not even acknowledging it.

“If he sees it and hates it then at least he would have seen it. It is just a bit of a joke that got out of hand,” he added.

He went on to explain that his girlfriend thinks the tattoo is “stupid”.

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Luke told the publication: “My girlfriend thinks it’s stupid but she didn’t even react. She wasn’t mad but I’ve had a disgusting reaction from everyone else.

“A lot of people hate it. My nan finds it hilarious but her husband thinks it’s disgusting. I care for the elderly and a lot of them don’t like it.”

The infamous episode first aired on our screens in 2014 and saw Ian break down in tears following his daughter Lucy Beale’s murder before being comforted by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

The gripping storyline raked in millions of viewers.

The infamous scene will now forever be a treasured moment in the soap.

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