Man appears on Jeremy Kyle to find out if his lover is his daughter

Only on this show!

We all know Jeremy Kyle’s guests are a bizarre bunch of specimen, but these are definitely up there.

David, who is married to his cousin – yes, COUSIN – has denied hitting on his wife’s daughter.

Still following?

He was also accused of watching a bit of porn when the family were in the house – as you do!

David’s wife (and cousin) Denise was criticised for being a horrible mum after she admitted to beating her daughter, Gemma, with a riding crop.

Cousins Denise and David are now husband and wife

Gemma labelled her a “prostitute” and claimed she took drugs instead of feeding her children, who were taken into care.

Denise’s ex Nigel, also appeared on the show, to slam his ex-wife.

He said: “She used to bring blokes back and she’d go upstairs.”

Nigel, who was married to Denise for six years, said he got hit in the head with a steel wok when he forgot to buy a lottery ticket.


Gemma was taken into care after her father left home

He deserves a medal for coping with Denise that long, as she slept with 100 men while they were together.

Denise did admit that she “worked in a gentleman’s club” but wasn’t a prositute – OK love, you’re clearly in denial.

Things got even grimmer when Denise’s latest husband – COUSIN David – entered the room.

He fired insults at Gemma, calling her a “lying tart.”


Gemma however, was not ready to back down from a fight, saying she caught David watching porn in her mum’s living room.

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David was accused of trying it on with his stepdaughter

It gets worse…

She added that he also tried it on with her!

Oh goodness.

She said he came into her bedroom, saying: “What would you do if an older person made a pass at you?”

Her boyfriend Jamie then ran onto the stage, calling David “disgusting.”

David added: “He watches porn and rubs himself off when there’s people in the house.

“You can hear the noises. It’s disgusting.”

Nigel, pictured with Gemma, claimed he;d never had oral sex

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David, clearly lost for a comeback, fired back: “You don’t know how to peel a potato.”

Good one Dave.

The audience got all sympathetic for Nigel – Denise’s ex – because he’d never had oral sex.

Jamie kicks off at David after he called her a 'lying tart'

He confessed to having a threesome with Denise for his birthday, but when she accused him of getting oral sex from another lady “round the back of the house” he shot her down.

“I’ve never had a bl***** in my life.”

At this point, the audience comically all said “awwww”.

Jezza put his two-pence in and said: “People are having their breakfast, Phillip Schofield’s getting his make-up done and people here are going ‘awww’ because he’s never had oral sex!”

Don’t you just love Jeremy Kyle?

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