Katie Price makes shock surgery claim after painful operation to fix ‘painful’ face lift

Can she stick to her vow, though?

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Katie Price has vowed she will NEVER have surgery on her face ever again.

The mum of five recently flew to a clinic in Brussels to have an operation to fix what she called a ‘botched’ face lift.

And she’s now promised she’ll never surgically alter her face again.

Katie, 39, told the Sun on Sunday “maybe, with hindsight” she should have researched her initial surgery more, after claiming in September her face had been left messed up by the op.

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“Choosing the right place to do the right procedure is vital,” she said.

“Maybe, with hindsight, I should have thought twice before jumping in. I wasn’t happy with the outcome last time and didn’t like the way I looked.”

Katie, who is famous for her various cosmetic enhancements, added: “This is the last time I will have surgery on my face.”

After going under the knife in Belgium to correct the previous surgery, Katie told the Daily Mail she is happy with the results.

“I feel instantly better,” she said, crediting her surgeon Frank Plovier for helping rebuild her confidence.

Katie has been pictured in some tabloids this weekend with bloodied bandages wrapped around her swollen and bruised face, but she’s chosen to keep that hidden from social media followers.

She’s yet to upload any images of her post-surgery appearance.

Katie first revealed last month she was having surgery to correct a face op that had previously “gone wrong”.

In a chat with the Cambridge Union, she said: “People have surgery to look like me even though my surgery went wrong and I’m getting it sorted on Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Katie’s love of enhancing her appearance has led to pain.

Last year, she told the Loose Women panel she was thrilled with a new set of veneers courtesy of a dentist in Turkey, but it was a painful and worrying road to teeth perfection.

Katie told the panel she’d actually been due back on Loose Women the previous week but a secret medical emergency saw her holed up at home in agony instead.

She said she’d flown to Turkey to get her veneers replaced but had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics she was given because they contained penicillin.

Explaining what happened, she said: “I was due home so they gave me all the antibiotics and everything, but on the way home I felt really ill.”

Katie added: “I realised I hadn’t read the box and I’m allergic to penicillin.

“I was really ill for days after that.”

Katie managed to make it back to work shortly after for an interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, but admitted she was in pain throughout.

“I was literally crying, saying I couldn’t go air,” she said.

She insisted her dental veneers had been necessary, as she cracked her front teeth as a child while skateboarding.

Katie said: “Basically when I was younger I fell off a skateboard. I know I have all these cosmetic procedures and stuff, but this is the only cosmetic procedure I do actually need!

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“I cracked all my front teeth and have had crowns and veneers ever since.

“My veneers were ten years old so I needed new ones.

“I was going back and forth from Turkey to do them, because I think they’re more advanced there and do it better. I always do my research.”

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