Piers Morgan makes royal wedding blunder on GMB

We're not sure how Prince William will take it!

The whole world seems to be falling over itself with excitement over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s imminent nuptials.

And clearly, the occasion has gone to Piers Morgan’s head, as the presenter made a right royal mix-up on today’s Good Morning Britain.

Piers, 52, was chatting to Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Grant via satellite link, when he made a baffling claim about Harry.

Samantha, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair, has previously stated that she doesn’t have the best of relationships with actress Meghan, 36.

But speaking to Piers, the 52-year-old suggested that she was prepared to let bygones be bygones.

She smiled: “All of that is just silly. We really want her to be happy, and we are – it’s quite normal.”

And that’s when the presenter made his gaffe. He replied: “One thing this isn’t is normal – your sister is marrying the future King of our country, so for us it’s extraordinary.”

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Er, no Piers, we think you’re confusing Harry with his older brother William.

And viewers at home were onto the host’s error like a flash, taking to Twitter to mock him.

One told Piers: “Prince Harry has a better chance of getting into Hogwarts than ever becoming King. From now on, you’ll be known as Sir Blunder.”

Another quizzed: “Why does @piersmorgan keep saying Meghan Markle is marrying the future King of England!”

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And another wrote: “Does @piersmorgan know something the rest of us don’t? He said that Meghan was going to marry the future king. Anyone told William?”

She explained: “I don’t think it’s so much who he is in terms of royalty as who he is as a man. I can see she’s just bubbling.

“It’s so charming and so warm. When I watch her with him, it’s very real and normal.

“We only get that once in a lifetime if we’re lucky. It’s not about royalty so much as it is about love, and that’s wonderful for them.”

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