Katie Price makes a promise to her fans

Despite criticism, nothing will stop the Pricey

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You’ve got to hand it to Katie Price.

She knows she has limited talent in the singing department, but does she let that stop her from attacking our ears with her own brand of perky pop music?

Does it heck!

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Oh no, it turns out nothing is going to stop Katie from belting out a tune, whatever key she fails to sing it in.

And why shouldn’t she do what she likes? She’s not doing anyone any harm, is she? Well, as long as we’re wearing industrial ear plugs, that is!

Well, in spite of all the criticism she’s had chucked at her recently released song I Got U, Katie is adamant that she is will carry on regardless and keep releasing records.

“I’m a frustrated pop star and I won’t let anything stand in my way,” the feisty Miss has declared.

In the past Katie has tried her luck many times at becoming a pop star!

First of all she tried her luck at the pre-Eurovision heats with a song called Not Just Anybody, then released an album of covers with former husband Peter Andre and then tried third time lucky a few years back with a dance tune called Free To Love Again.

In spite of the lack of success of I Got U – which was written by X Factor alumni Craig Colton – Katie has still set her sights on some major pop star collabs.

Forget Peter Andre, she wants to get her gob around a mic with Chris Brown or Justin Bieber. Talk about ambitious!

But in prep for those high profile team ups, she says she is happy to work with her old mate Alexander O’Neal.

The pair met on CBB and performed live together at a very lavish event.

“We performed at my wedding [her wedding renewal vows with Kieran in 2015] and sang Saturday Love.”

On the subject of her hubby, it would appear that Katie isn’t the only talented one in the family. Kieran can carry a tune too!

“Kieran can sing. I’m being serious,” she confided in Now. “He used to be in an indie band and he was the lead singer – he’s really good.”

However, she says there is no chance she will ever record with her nearest and dearest.

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“I did it with Pete but I’ll never make an album with Kieran.

“I’m quite happy doing it by myself this time. I’m not nervous either because I can sing.

“The songs I sang with Pete were all covers. They weren’t made for my voice.

“I’m singing I Got U live, I’m confident this time and I will never mime it.”

You’ve been warned!

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