Scarlett Moffatt makes a point as she goes make-up free on Instagram

She urged fans not to worry about being perfect

Scarlett Moffatt has gone make-up free on Instagram to encourage her fans to be more confident about their own looks.

The 28-year-old Saturday Night Takeaway star updated her stories with a video clip where she explained why she’d decided to talk on camera au naturel.

Scarlett updated her Insta Stories with a make-up free look (Credit: Instagram)

She said: “So obviously I have got no make-up on – look at the freckles – and my eyebrows are in dire need of being done. And I have no nails on.

“But I thought I would do this video as on social media, everyone just puts out what they want everyone else to see. But no one puts this stuff up.”

She added: “So I don’t want you to panic thinking that you aren’t perfect as everyone is beautiful in their own way. So just chill, have a lovely day and stay positive.”

The former Gogglebox star filmed the clips from her home in Durham where she can be seen wearing a pale pink top.

The presenter said she wanted to show nobody is perfect, despite appearances on social media (Credit: Instagram)

Her body confidence message comes amid speculation she’s back with her ex boyfriend, Lee Wilkinson.

Last month she posted emotional videos on her social media accounts in which she implied he’d cheated on her, saying: “Unless your Henry VIII, one woman should be enough.”

She then jetted off to Florida with a friend on a holiday Lee, 28, was supposed to join her on.

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Now her fans are wondering if they are trying to work things out after Lee posted an image of himself out for lunch with a female friend over the bank holiday weekend.

Only his fellow diner’s long, red nails could be seen in the picture, and Scarlett’s eagle-eyed fans think they were hers, as she appeared to have similar talons in pictures she shared that weekend.

The 28-year-old is thought to be back with her ex Lee Wilkinson (Credit: Instagram)

The fitness model was also pictured visiting Scarlett’s home on Wednesday.

He previously denied cheating on her in The Mirror, and said he hoped they could get back together.

He said: “I think what she said on social media was a bit of reaction, a bit of temper. When she did that, it was a bit out of proportion for what it was. But I don’t want to say too much.

“It’s difficult because Scarlett doesn’t really want me to say anything as we might be able to sort things out and get back together. I hope we can.”

Scarlett’s fans believe those are her red nails in the top left of the pic, revealing she had lunch with Lee (Credit: Instragam)

Meanwhile, Scarlett has some exciting work projects coming up. She’s going to be a royal correspondent for BBC Radio 1, covering the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from Windsor.

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She’s also been promised a cameo in the film adaption of one of her favourite’s books – How To Build A Girl.

Author Caitlin Moran has promised to “write her in” to the movie.

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