Madonna’s Eurovision performance divides viewers

While others praised her political statement

Last night’s Eurovision featured an interval performance by the Queen of Pop herself, with Madonna taking the stage.

But her performance did not go down well with some viewers, with people taking to Twitter to criticise her singing.

Madonna’s performance on Eurovision did not go down well with some viewers (Credit: BBC)

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The pop icon began her set with a paired down performance of her classic hit, Like a Prayer, before moving into her new song, Future, performed with rapper Quavo.

The song is the latest single from her upcoming album, Madame X.

But Madonna appeared to struggle from the start, with viewers complaining about pitch issues and a lacklustre performance.

She even got called out during the show, with the presenter for The Netherlands saying she was thankful “for Madonna’s autotune.”

But some viewers came to the singer’s defence, claiming that some fo the criticism was a sign of ageism.

Others insisted that how well she performed was not important, praising her for using her platform to make a bold political statement.

While Eurovision tries to keep itself free from political discourse, this years competition has been controversial due to its host country, Israel.

Some viewers took to twitter to defend Madonna (Credit: Splash News)

Several groups took the opportunity to protest the Israeli blockades in Gaza – and Madonna got in on the action, including Israeli and Palestinian flags in her performance.

As she performed Future – which includes the lyrics “Not everyone is coming to the future, Not everyone is learning from the past” – two of her backup dancers wore Israeli and Palestinian flags on their backs.

The performance ended with the two dancers standing with their arms around each other’s shoulders, and their backs to the audience.

Eurovision organisers claimed the political statement had not been approved – and had not been part of a previous rehearsal.

“Two of Madonna’s dancers briefly displayed the Israeli and Palestinian flags on the back of their outfits,” they said.

“This element of the performance was not part of the rehearsals which had been cleared. The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political event and Madonna had been made aware of this.”

Queen of pop Madge
Madonna tweeted about her gratitude at being able to perform (Credit: Splash News)

Madonna tweeted her gratitude at being able to perform after the competition, describing herself as a “freedom fighter.”

“Madame X is a freedom fighter,” she said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to spread the message of peace and unity with the world.”

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