Made In Chelsea star shares unrecognisable throwback snap on Instagram

You'll have to look hard to work out who it is...

Looking after a baby can be quite a stressful experience, but new parents Joshua ‘JP’ Patterson and Binky Felstead have discovered a perfect way to keep themselves sane.

The Made In Chelsea stars have been sharing old school photos of each other on Instagram!

And fans of the pair have been having a right old giggle over the retro pics.

Joshua Patterson/Instagram
JP struck the first blow with a throwback portrait of Binky (Credit: Joshua Patterson/Instagram)

The fun started when JP, 28, posted a very fetching snap of Binky, now 27, wearing a school blazer, a huge 1970s-style collar and a pair of oversized specs.

He captioned the shot: “Guess who??????”

Of course, it didn’t take long for his followers to work it out. One giggled: “That’s perfect. There’s hope for us all!”

Another commented: “Ugly duckling stage. She became a beautiful swan.”

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And a third fan quipped: “A young David Mitchell.”

Well, you didn’t think Binky was going to let her bloke get away with that, did you?

Binky Felstead/Instagram
It didn’t take Binky long to hit back (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

And the next thing we knew, the brunette beauty had uploaded a throwback pic of JP to HER Instagram. In it, he wore a school blazer and tie, and a cute but goofy smile.

She wrote alongside it: “Oh hi teeth!! And ears! #payback.”

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And Team Binky thought her comeback was awesome. One fan wrote: “Revenge is so sweet.”

Another cheered: “Haha Binks you rock!”

JP and Binky have a seven-month-old daughter, India (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

Earlier this week, JP announced that he plans to quit Made In Chelsea, as the couple’s seven-month-old daughter India is now his primary focus.

He told The Sun: “We are two very blessed individuals to have been asked to go on that show.

“[But] we’re parents now. I think the biggest priority in our life is our daughter.

“As much as we love that show, I think you’ve got to make a choice. I think you make a choice if you want to be on a reality show or be a parent.”

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