Made In Chelsea favourite confirms he’s leaving…

He's been there from the start

It’s all change on Made In Chelsea.

First we’re coming to terms with ultimate party girl Binky being pregnant and preparing to settle down.

Now news reaches us that her partner in drinking crime and all-round BFF Ollie Locke is leaving the show.

Yes, the man who proved posh people can be sensitive and lacking in confidence and many things lovely is off!

The openly gay star is embarking on an exciting new venture with the founders of dating app Bumble and his friend Jack Rodgers to create a men-only version, Chappy.

So busy is he with this new project, he’s basically left with no time to film MIC.

Make the most of him, Chelsea fans – this current run will be his last.

“I’m just so busy at the moment I don’t have time to film,” he told the Daily Star .

“I’m basically just there for Binky at the moment, but this will be my last full series.”

His last FULL series… so all is not completely lost. The west London lovely will be back for occasional appearances.

“I will keep popping up from time to time though,” he reassured.

And then he embarked on a big spiel about his new app to to the tabloid, boasting: “Chappy represents the future of gay dating and we’re thrilled to have an investor and partner as well versed in the market as Whitney and Bumble.

“In addition to fully understanding our ethos and mission to normalise gay dating, Bumble also knows the importance of an app fully recognising the needs of the user.

Longtime viewers of Made In Chelsea have watched Ollie, now 29, grow up and wrestle with his sexuality.

In the original series, Ollie was dating Gaby but then, in 2011, realised he was bisexual.

Now, he identifies as a gay man.

“I lived with a woman last year when I was off camera, we had two dogs together. And then we broke up and in December I thought, ‘That’s it now, I think I’m now gay,'” he added.

“It’s the first time the viewers have seen me as gay instead of bi. I do say the words ‘I am a gay man,'”

We’ll really miss him!