Hollyoaks: Luke comes face to face with his rapist 17 years after attack

A return to one of the soap's darkest-ever stories

Do you remember where you were when Luke Morgan was raped by Mark Gibbs on Hollyoaks, way back in the year 2000?

It was one of the most memorable, talked-about and downright disturbing Hollyoaks scenes ever broadcast.

Luke was involved in the hard-hitting male rape storyline at the turn of the millennium.

And now, he’ll have the chance to face those demons an incredible 17 years later.

As a reminder, back in 2000, Luke – played by Gary Lucy -was being bullied by Mark and his friends over a football rivalry, when Luke stood up to his tormentor.

Mark saw red and in a fit of violence raped Luke, in a bizarre power-move.

The horrifying experience had a terrible effect on Luke, who became depressed and attempted suicide.

He eventually left in 2001, after spiralling into alcoholism and homelessness.

Gary said of the scenes: “When they first told me about the storyline I was dubious as to whether or not I should take it.

“After thinking about it and doing research behind it I thought it was definitely a subject worth approaching. So we did it and reaped the rewards. I feel very lucky.”

Gary recently returned to Hollyoaks in a bid for the show to reclaim some of its late 90s/mid-2000s glory.

He’s also been joined by his long-time partner Mandy, played by Sarah Jayne Dunn.

And now, 17 years after the rape storyline aired, Luke will be facing his attacker again.

Gary revealed: “This week Luke gets the chance to spend the day with Ella and Mandy in Chester, they’re having a great day, and there are real signs that Luke and Mandy could make another go of it.

“However things take a turn for the worse, when Mandy goes to buy them some ice cream and Luke spots Mark Gibbs. Luke completely freaks out, everything comes flooding back to him and he runs off, leaving Mandy totally confused.”

He went on: “Luke is going to be revisiting that horrible time in his life quite a lot and he comes quite obsessive with Mark.

“There is some really heavy stuff to come that has been great to film and I am so glad we’re seeing this side to the storyline.”

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